Basic Dental Insurance

By mldadmin
March 7, 2022

Basic dental insurance plans versus major restoration plans will have a large effect on your wallet. If you are not covered by your employer, or even if you are this blog post and video can help. This week on Mondays with Mark I talk about Dental Care and the difference between basic dental and major restoration. If you do not have the right plan major restoration can cost you a lot of money. So what’s the difference?

What is Basic Dental Insurance Coverage

Basic dental insurance plans are exactly as they sound. They are for basic care. That would be maintenance care such as routine cleanings, annual check-ups, x-rays, and minor fillings. Your basic care is good for those that do not have dental problems or any foreseen dental problems. Age definitely can play a role in this. Those on Medicare most of the time will want to participate in a plan that covers major restoration unless they have dentures. In the case of dentures, it is good to have a basic plan. Dentures need to be cleaned just like teeth. It is also very important to have your gums checked out by a Dentist every 6 months. Delta Dental is always our most popular but we do work with all major carriers so can find a plan with your best interest in mind!

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What is Major Restoration?

Major restoration is when you have much more involved work that is needed for your gums or teeth. This typically includes dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. It also will include the replacement or removal of damaged or missing teeth. With a plan that covers major restoration, there is typically a waiting period. The experts at the MLD Agency can help you pick a plan with your best interest in mind that will cover the dental work you need in real-time.

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