Some Insight into the COVID Vaccine

By Michelle Davulis
June 2, 2021
Some insight into the COVID-19 vaccine

Some Insight into the COVID Vaccine. Mark Dupre is a 36-year veteran serving clients when they have health insurance needs. Why is he talking about the COVID-19 vaccine? Well, this is a very touchy topic and many are either on the side of vaccinating or are opposed to being vaccinated. There are many reasons for both sides.

The COVID vaccine most widely used here in Illinois is still 2 shot series called the Moderna mRNA-1273. Before booking your COVID vaccine appointment you first will want to know what COVID vaccine side effects may occur. There are a ton of COVID vaccine statistics so as you are doing your research be sure to utilize reputable sites such as the CDC, your local health department, or the American Medical Association.

In this week’s video, Mark Dupre gives you facts as to how long the COVID vaccine has been tested. It has been around longer than you think. He also goes into detail about how it is the COVID vaccine is free and you can easily get vaccinated at COVID vaccine clinics and vaccine pop-ups near you and there is no cost. Walgreens also has a program in which you schedule an appointment and again the COVID vaccine is free to you. Based on experience and material received by different health insurance carriers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and AARP the window of getting the vaccine at no charge is closing. Once the vaccine is available to children it will be a chargeable procedure the same way your annual flu vaccine is. I do promote the vaccine and hope to see everyone protecting themselves against this deadly COVID-19 disease.

Before deciding whether the vaccine is right for you make sure you consult your doctor. It is not safe for everyone depending on your health and other health conditions. To learn a little more check out my YouTube Video.

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