The Cost of COVID-19. Are you prepared?

By Michelle Davulis
August 26, 2020
COVID-19 is expensive
How Much Does it Cost to Treat Coronavirus

This past week I was asked how much it would cost if some one caught COVID 19. Honestly, I did not know the answer to the question. There are far too many factors to consider. As professional living in world of healthcare I put together a list to help you understand how expensive this virus is to catch.

First thing to consider and the most expensive is the Emergency Room. Next up you need to consider Doctor’s fees, Hospitalizations, Ventilators, ICU charges, Imaging, X-rays, CT Scans Labs, Medications and incidentals. As the CDC will point out the treatment for Coronavirus can be substantially higher since little still known about how to treat it.

Secondly, one must consider is the damage caused to your personal body. Lung damage is continually mentioned. There is follow-up care that may include additional hospitalizations. Plus there are the continual cost of maintain a household without your income.

A quick search on the internet (I do not consider the internet to be the final say just a barometer on the situation) may give you an idea of enormity of the financial cost associated with getting this virus ER ?

Hospital Stay

$2,810 per day

A typical stay in the hospital after a positive COVID-19 test is estimated at around 23 full days. 


$7,000 - $15,000 per day

Depending on the severity of COVID related complications the average person spends 16 days in the ICU.

Doctors Visits

$2,000 - $4,000 (Total)

After diagnosed with COVID-19 an individual will see an ER doctor, Specialist depending on symptoms, and follow-ups with their PCP which is estimated to add up to almost $4,000! 

Prescription Drugs

$5,000 - $8,000

Even with the a good Prescription Drug plan the COVID-19 medications seem to run upwards of $8,000. Again, this depends on complications due to the virus Some medications may not be covered or only partially covered. 

How does this impact your Pocket?

This can vary by age.  Younger people have lower numbers than older. 

So if I add things up my very quick math seems to have basic charges of:

  • $223,000 or more!!!
  • That’s $620 a month for 30 years, not including interest.  

But you have insurance you say? Well, even with the insurance down to Medicaid there are still out of pocket expenses incurred. 

According to they are estimating Coronavirus treatment to have a total out of pocket expense based on coverage as the below:

Total without Insurance = $73,300

With Private Insurance = $38,221

Medicare = $10,561

Medicaid = $7,533

I am not going to say these figures are accurate and you may want to look up your own figures to see what you come up with though I think you will still agree that it is still expensive.  

You may think it is unfair.  They charge too much etc…  However, anyway you look at this, IT IS WHAT IT IS, EXPENSIVE

If you do not have insurance, open-enrollment starts November 1 through December 15th. Make sure you obtain insurance for 2021. We at the MLD Agency Inc, will be happy to assist you in obtaining insurance. If you qualify for Marketplace coverage, we can assist you with that too.

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