What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

By Elizabeth Clay
November 11, 2021

by Elizabeth Clay of Clay Creative Content

Confused about Medicare
What is a Medicare Advantage Plan? Learn more from an expert who cares about clients, not commissions.

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan? What are Joe Namath, William Shatner, and Jimmy Walker talking about? Medicare Advantage Plans have become immensely popular in the last several years. More options are available today than ever before. The average person who is eligible for Medicare this year has access to over 33 different plans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). Between 2010 and 2019, enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans doubled across the board. And as of 2021, enrollments have reached a peak of 26 million.

Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits

With so many different types of Medicare coverage, an Advantage, or Part C plan, could be seen as a more streamlined option. As many Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, there is no need for an additional Medicare Part D policy. Some plans also cover dental visits, optometry, and even gym memberships. While many advantage plans do require you to see providers in their network, their premiums can be as low. Yes, if you are eligible some have 0$ and copays, $0 deductibles, and $0 premium cost. These are for special income-eligible users and we can help assess eligibility. 

These plans are also not restricted as to who can enroll. If you live in the given service area, they are available to everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions or medical history. Medicare Advantage options do vary by state. Some providers charge significantly different premiums, so it is recommended to shop around before choosing a plan. This will ensure that you are receiving the best benefits for you at the most affordable cost. While you will still have to pay your part B premium, Advantage plans have an out-of-pocket limit.

This was set up to safeguard you from incurring medical costs above a certain amount. Currently, the most a person with an Advantage plan can pay out of pocket in a given year is $6,700. Hospital visits can cost over six figures. This safety net can help you feel confident that you will not go into massive debt for seeking the medical help that you need. Once you reach that limit, Medicare covers the rest of your medical expenses in full.

Medicare Advantage Plans Streamline the Process

These plans are particularly helpful for people who take a lot of different medications. It also benefits those who want to continue having routine dental and vision care. Medicare supplements may be the better option for people with conditions that require frequent hospitalization. If you are struggling to navigate Medicare and are overwhelmed by the variety of options, contact a local insurance agent. Mark Dupre at the MLD Agency has been a local insurance expert for over 4 decades. He has many happy clients who saved a significant amount of time and money by working with him.

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