Why is my Insurance Agent Calling Me???

By Michelle Davulis
May 26, 2021

Why is my insurance agent calling me?? You see “MLD Agency” come up on your caller ID and you are probably thinking, “Ugh, does he want to sell me something?” or “What do they want now??”

Why is my Insurance Agent Calling Me?
We may have important information for you about your coverage!

Why is my Insurance Agent Calling Me? Mark gets that a lot when his clients finally pick up the phone.

Here are some reasons your insurance may be calling and why you should pick up the phone! Feel free to watch the YouTube video also.

    It is that simple. With a simple phone call and a discussion about what has changed or not changed in your life Mark Dupre, and the MLD Agency may be able to get you the same quality coverage at a cheaper price. If you don’t explore it you will never know!
  2. Policy changes and Carrier changes you need to know about!
    Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, AARP, and similar health insurance carriers are businesses and want to make sure they are profitable and customer friendly. While they look for new ways to make money and serve you better, they will update policies and procedures that directly affect you or your premium.  We recently produced a YouTube talking about how the Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement may or may not affect you and you can find additional resources on our channel but most of the time we may need to call you when things like this arise.
  3. Make necessary changes based on life events.
    You may have moved, started a new hobby, changed jobs, or decided to start traveling frequently. Insurance premiums and coverage is based on where you live, whether you have a risky hobby or job, and where you are. If you do not have a policy that covers this, you are out of the state or country your insurance agent can get you a policy that does cover this. Insurance is very black and white so if you are not listed as living or participating in certain areas or activities the insurance company can deny coverage.
  4. The Affordable Care Act and Presidential Administration directly affect Health Insurance.
    The Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare is typically under scrutiny depending on who is in office. Some are looking to increase their reach while other Presidents want a freer insurance market. Whether you are a Republican or Democratic the President of the United States is going to at least investigate how their administration will handle the ACA and this always affects health insurance benefits whether you are getting benefits from an employer or the marketplace.
  5. New products and services may be right for you!
    While the MLD Agency does not believe in selling their clients everything we offer we do have a wide variety of options that come to us all the time. Ancillary benefits such as critical illness, long-term care, and pet insurance are not part of our initial conversation, but you may need them later. We call to let you know these things may be right for you!

    So please keep your information up to date! Mark dedicated an entire video to this topic because he doesn’t feel like he is serving you well if he can’t talk to you about your health insurance!

So spend some time with Mark or Michelle at the MLD Agency and have a cup of coffee or just pick up the phone when we call you.

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